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TOPIC: prussian uniforms
PM mangemani
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prussian uniforms
13th Jul 2017 10:54:55

i've heard so many different opinions regarding the prussians uniforms, 50% say they are in a very dark blue and 50% say they are in black. id like to hear your opinion about this. im using vallejo paints and they have a painte called "prussian blue" but when i mention this on other forums, 50% says "screw that and painte them blacl" and the reste "go for it". so which one is correct? when watching the waterloo movie from 1970s they look like black, but im totaly confused regarding this.

please, shed some light on this question so i once and for all get this right.

PM 6mmwargaming
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prussian uniforms
14th Jul 2017 02:53:27

I went for Prussian Blue for mine. Mostly because black uniformed figures look like dark blobs in 6mm, so it wasn't for histoircal reasons, but because it looked good.

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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prussian uniforms
14th Jul 2017 12:59:16

That was another lengthy answer and then, being a left to right reader, I pressed cancel!!!!!

PM Glenn Pearce
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prussian uniforms
Glenn Pearce
15th Jul 2017 02:07:14

Hello mangemani!

The line wore dark blue, however, due to dyes, time, sun, etc., some were a mid-blue. Some landwher were in blue, black, brown, grey. The reserves were mostly in grey or brown.  From a distance and on film the army could look like they are in black. All of my 6mm line infantry are in dark blue and from the other side of the table they look like they are black. A good reference book on the army of 1815 should confirm exactly what colours were worn for each regiment. However, just painting the line all dark blue works in 6mm.

Best regards,


PM Whirlwind
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prussian uniforms
16th Jul 2017 04:04:10

What Glenn said.  Plus the Reserve line infantry changed a lot from the first raising in 1813 to 1815, so you have a lot of choice:

Spring 1813: mainly grey

Autumn 1813: a real mix, but quite a lot of Portuguese/British style uniforms amongst them

1815: standard dark blue Prussian infantry uniforms (with some oddities amongst the higher numbers, including white Berg uniforms and Russian uniforms (Russo-German Legion)

PM bushs
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prussian uniforms
17th Jul 2017 12:50:18

Hi Whirlwind,

I just received a copy of Ospreys Prussian Army in the Lower Rhine 1815 MMA#496 this week!

The book says that the Berg troops wearing French uniforms were instructed to wear their great coats at all times in order to prevent them being mistaken for French troops....I found this very interesting.

Also, there is another interesting plate showing examples of ex Russo-German Legion uniforms. Interesting because the jacket of one of the soldiers has faded to a drab /  khaki-green.

The Waldeck infantry look interesting too. Similar to Berg, i.e. white French uniform, blue collar & cuffs and the front of the jacket is blocked blue. 



PM mangemani
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prussian uniforms
17th Jul 2017 05:49:32

thank you guys, none of you said "paint it black", so that makes my pick very easy, i'll go with the prussian blue then for the line infantry, but the reserve and so on sounds a bit tricky, ah well, it takes a while untill i'll get there:)



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