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TOPIC: french figs conversions
PM mangemani
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french figs conversions
22nd Jul 2017 10:37:51

im working on the first anglo allied corps at waterloo. the eight brittish regiments are done and im almost done with the 2nd nassau brigade and im using french line infantry for that brigade. but what else can you use the french infantry for in the anglo allied army? the reason why im asking is because i got alot of french infantry and instead of ordering many different packs of figs, why not use up the french infantry if its possibe. im thinking of using them also for the orange nassau brigade, but can you use them for some more units in the first second and the reserve corps?

PM bushs
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french figs conversions
23rd Jul 2017 10:20:31

You can use your spare French for your Prussian army, likewise any extra British can also be used for your Prussian army.

Prussians also used British and French artillery pieces so if you have any of those spare you could also use them for your Prussian army. The Prussians even used British horse artillery crew uniforms in the 1815 campaigne.

PM mangemani
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french figs conversions
23rd Jul 2017 11:54:30

thanks for the advice, but the prussian army seems a little bit far away at the moment, thats the army om going to work on last:). im working at the anglo allied army at the moment. isnt there any units(besides the nassau ones) that you can use your french infantry for in the anglo allied army?

PM 6mmwargaming
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french figs conversions
26th Jul 2017 07:21:59

Perhaps Dutch/Belgians? IIRC from when I painted them they seem very similar to French uniforms. My Dutch/Belgians are here but excuse the webpage, as the formatting is stuffed.




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