Baccus specialises in the design and production of wargames figures and accessories in the 6mm scale. Although it is often overlooked by the dominance of the 15 and 28mm scales, the smaller figures offer huge advantages in terms of flexibility, prices and ease of painting. It often comes as a pleasant surprise to our new customers that they find 6mm figures easier and quicker to paint than their coarser-scale brethren.

19th Oct 2017 :: For the last time - More Thirty Years War flags

Another week and yes, another load of Thirty Years War flags released.   This time we are making available colours for the French and Dutch armies.

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11th Oct 2017 :: Manchester come to somewhere unspecified in Leicester

Which is my roundabout way of letting you know about our recent weekend at the World Championships, ex of Derby (twice), ex of Castle Donnington and now at Bruntingthorpe, deep, deep in the darkest heart of rural Leicestershire.

The ever reliable Derek Pitman accompanied me in this expedition with his wonderful Siege of Manchester ECW game

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4th Oct 2017 :: Great War ANZACs and, you guessed it, yet more TYW flags!

The latest batch of Great War releases are now available in the form of the redoubtable ANZAC Corps.

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Waterloo At Recon 2016, Orlando - FL, making the table by mangemani
23rd Oct 2017

New ECW/TYW by peter
23rd Oct 2017

28mm games in the mags by peter
23rd Oct 2017

1809 war by Nick the Lemming
23rd Oct 2017

Storing 6mm miniatures by Tim Harwood
21st Oct 2017


Fiasco (Royal Armouries, Leeds)
29th Oct 2017

Crisis TBC (Hanger 29, Antwerp)
4th Nov 2017

Warfare (Rivermead Centre, Reading)
18th Nov 2017-19th Nov 2017

Battleground TBC (Stockton on Tees)
26th Nov 2017

Recon TBC (Pudsey Civic Centre)
2nd Dec 2017


TFF01 - French Regiments (1)TFF01
French Regiments (1)

TFF02 - French Regiments (2)TFF02
French Regiments (2)

TNF02 - Dutch Regiments 2TNF02
Dutch Regiments 2

TNF01 - Dutch Regiments 1TNF01
Dutch Regiments 1

Great War ANZAC - ANZAC Division Pack - MesopotamiaGreat War ANZAC
ANZAC Division Pack - Mesopotamia