Baccus specialises in the design and production of wargames figures and accessories in the 6mm scale. Although it is often overlooked by the dominance of the 15 and 28mm scales, the smaller figures offer huge advantages in terms of flexibility, prices and ease of painting. It often comes as a pleasant surprise to our new customers that they find 6mm figures easier and quicker to paint than their coarser-scale brethren.

25th Jul 2016 :: The Joy of Six 2016 - Part Two

Welcome to Joy of Six 2016 part 2.   I hope that the first part whetted your appetite nicely as we delve into the second set of wonderful and diverse 6mm games that were on display.

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20th Jul 2016 :: The Joy of Six 2016 - Part One

Yes, part one, as this year’s JOS was so damned good that I really did not want to short change the event or the people who took so much time and effort to stage what was an outstanding crop of games showcasing 6mm wargaming.

If you are one of the few people on the planet for who 6mm wargaming, ‘has no appeal’, (honestly, I despair!), then please turn down the prejudice rating just a few notches and be prepared to see exactly what the small scale stuff can do.

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19th Jul 2016 :: New Releases! Getcha New Releases!

With the dust settling nicely on what was a simply outstanding Joy of Six show, (of which more anon), it’s time to make good on my promise of some new releases which were showcased at that event.

First off the blocks are the French half of the new SYW codes which will allow you to extend the conflict to the French Indian Wars.   So, without further ado, you can now prepare to defend New France with the stalwart Compagnies Franche de la Marine


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Brit SYW command strip by njt236
28th Jul 2016

FMB's SYW French by Fireymonkeyboy
28th Jul 2016

Mexican American war of 1846 by Hecoma
28th Jul 2016

French cavalry for WSS by lekw
28th Jul 2016

18th century sailors by AbramF
28th Jul 2016


Claymore (Telford College, Edinburgh)
6th Aug 2016

Colours (Newbury Racecourse)
10th Sep 2016

OG World Wargames Championships (Castle Donington)
3rd Oct 2016-4th Oct 2016

Fiasco (Royal Armouries, Leeds)
22nd Oct 2016

Crisis (Hanger 29, Antwerp)
5th Nov 2016


WWB18 - Paras MMG (Vickers) and crewWWB18
Paras MMG (Vickers) and crew

WWB17 - Paras 3WWB17
Paras 3" mortar and crew

WWB16 - Paras PIAT and crewWWB16
Paras PIAT and crew

WWB15 - Paras 2WWB15
Paras 2" mortar and crew

WW15 - Paras 2WW15
Paras 2" mortar and crew