New rules on their way...

31st Jan 2017

As we approach the second month of 2017 it's time to think about some new released from Baccus that will soon be heading your way.


As might be obvious from the picture above, the first item on the list is the new set of Polemos rules.   Titled 'Ruse de Guerre' and written by Glenn Pearce, these will cover wars in the Americas encompassing the French Indian War, American War of Independence and the War of 1812.   As all three of these are subjects which generate lots of emails to me asking which rules to use, I think that these will be very popular indeed.

I've uploaded a few preview pages so that you can get the feel of the rules. 

Just click here to download.

The release of these rules will add a few new items to the Baccus ranges.   Firstly, the existing AWI army packs will be withdrawn and replaced by ones tailored to the rules and scenarios.  Secondly we'll be introducing some new army packs for the FIW

and we'll complete the series with a couple of armies to cover the motley forces involved in the War of 1812.

There will also be a new Boxed set for the AWI.

The rules themselves will be released in late February and will be available as hard copy, pdf download and as one of or 'Rules onna stick' series.

Moving on through the years, the next group of releases in the WW2 range will shortly be arriving in the form of some rather nice Fallschirmjagers. 


Work on the new ECW/TYW figures is progressing very nicely and will be the subject of another update soon, meanwhile the new sculpts of the Great War Mesopotamian campaigns are shaping up nicely.

I will have a pdf version of Ruse de Guerre available for inspection and perusal at Vapnartak this coming Sunday, so please do come along and have a look.   I'll also have some painted examples of the Fallschirmjager on hand, and who knows, maybe a few packs to sell...

See you there!