If your order has not arrived yet...

1st May 2017


‘DON’T PANIC!’  -  Very wise words whether coming from Lance Corporal Jones of the Walmington on Sea Home Guard, or the sensible and reassuring tones of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.


Why am I issuing this reassurance?     A few weeks ago I let you know what we would be increasing our prices.   Very sensibly, some of you decided to get orders on ahead of that deadline.   Some of you decided, very wisely, to stock up on unpainted metal.   Well…I say ‘some of you’.   What I actually meant was quite a lot of you.  Loads, hordes, multitudes of you had the same idea.   We ended up with a flood of orders of Biblical proportions.   Not that we are complaining mind you, but it has created a far larger backlog of orders that we or you lot are comfortable with.  

Now we are working night and day and as hard and as fast as we can to turn this around.   The situation has not been helped by the Easter holidays or the rubber sheet of time and space distorting phenomenon that is Salute, but longer than usual waits for the little packages of joy to land on your welcome mat are going to continue for the next 3-4 weeks.

When you place your order you get an automated confirmation and when we send it on its way, you get an automated notification.   If you have not had the latter, DON’T PANIC!   Your order is sitting in the casting queue working its way to the front.   If you haven’t heard anything from us in between, then we are not ignoring or snubbing you, we are simply spending our time at a casting machine making little men.

I am really sorry that we are taking the time to get to you and we are working flat out to resolve this and get back to what is erroneously described as ‘normal’ around Baccus towers.   Please bear with us and we will get your wee men on their way to you.