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TOPIC: ECW - coming out of column
PM nemesisuk
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ECW - coming out of column
11th May 2017 10:31:52

We played these rules tonight, but we had a difference of opinion about the rule regarding coming out of column.

The scene was this - there was a brigade of Dutch Cavalry (four bases) in column, and they wanted to come out of column and deploy. According to the rules, you feed off to the right, and you end up facing the enemy.

Q1. When you feed off to the right, is this classed as a wheel, and in the example diagram in the rules, is it 90 degree wheel?

Q2.Assuming you wheel 90 degress to the right and move 4 base widths, because at this point you are still in column, is it then assumed that the cavalry automatically turn and face the enemy and therefore in line now, so you can deploy out of column and in to line in one turn? Or are you classed as still in column and in your next turn, announce you are turning to face the enemy?

Q3. The "Changing Formation" rules state that once you change formation, you cannot do anything else (move, fire, melee), so is deploying into and out of column classed as changing formation or movement?

Q4 How many TP's does it cost to deploy in and out of column? (as per above example)

Q5. It states that when moving in column there are no extra TP costs (what could there have been anyway?), nor are there any penalties for wheeling. So, can you move after wheeling, as the only penalty we can see is that if you wheel, you cannot meve afterwards?


Sorry for all the questions, and if they seem really silly, but we had some heated disagreements about this and really need to get some clarification on the deployinh in and out of column.



PM peter
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ECW - coming out of column
17th May 2017 09:32:59

Sorry about the delayed response.  It's tricky getting away from the casting machine at the minute!


Q1.  Assuming that the brigade was in March Column, there are no wheeling penalties, so no, it is not a wheel as such.   This will actually involve a lot of actual movement by sub units which are not reflected at the level we are dealing with.

Q2. Assuming that you have paid your TPS and made a formation change you are now treated as being deployed facing the enemy.   

Q3. Moving into or out of march column is treated as changing formation.

Q4. TP costs are the same as moving a brigade as per the table on p.13.  

Q5.  I think that you may be confusing wheeling a line and wheeling while in march column.  The former is restricted, the latter is not.

Does that help?



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PM nemesisuk
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ECW - coming out of column
17th May 2017 01:24:01

Thank you Peter, I do appreciate you taking time out to answer these questions, as it has cleared up our disagreement.



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