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PM donkuchi19
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Mersey Wargames Painting Services
6th Feb 2017 10:59:24

I just wanted to give a shout out to Mersey Wargames Painting Services.  On EBay he goes by sennacherib33.

Althought it did take a while to get the items delivered (I ordered on December 5th and only received them today on February 6th), there was a Christmas rush.  He responded politely to all of my e-mails regarding when they would arrive (they were a couple of weeks later than what was stated when I purchased), but they look great.  I purchased the Prussian Army using Baccus figures and they look much better than the French and Austrian armies that I painted myself (and the British one that I am currently working on).  I just thought that you all would want to know that they do come out nice when you order from him.

PM bhall389
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Mersey Wargames Painting Services
2nd Mar 2017 03:13:55

I agree, I ordered FPW Prussians, Imperial French and Bavarians from sennacherib33. I was very happy with the quality of the painting, and the time delay wasn't too bad. 




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