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TOPIC: Players in Michigan (Novi)
PM wakelessrex
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Players in Michigan (Novi)
27th Jul 2017 02:03:23

looking to meet up with players interested in 6mm in the Michigan area. I have a fairly large collection and would be willing to bring to forces. :)

PM bhall389
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Players in Michigan (Novi)
27th Jul 2017 12:39:42

Would you consider travelling into Ontario? Chatham Kent to be specific.

KEGSCon V is in September...

PM Tim Harwood
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Players in Michigan (Novi)
Tim Harwood
18th Oct 2017 02:41:29

I live in Flushing (just NW of Flint) and am willing to travel to play. Just starting a 6mm Baccus ACW army. Also interested in Roman era and British vs Zulu. Been out of the hobby for many years but fell in love with a display ACW army.




PM Reynbanker
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Players in Michigan (Novi)
24th Dec 2017 02:47:44

I am in Niles. Currently building ACW, Marlburian and napoleonics in 6mm. Just got figs to start some fantasy too. I woulod eb interested in gaming.

PM ironass
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Players in Michigan (Novi)
24th Dec 2017 03:00:58

Sooooooo far from Michigan... damn it!



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