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PM wakelessrex
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Baccus Metal Question
5th Sep 2017 02:12:01

Hello, I recently started sculpting with bees putty in 6mm and I really am loving the way it reacts. I have fantastically better results with it than green stuff. However As my casting skills arent particularly refined I am mostly looking to modify existing models to meet my taste.

Bees putty requires 140°C temperatures for about 30 minutes. Yet im not sure Baccus miniatures wouldnt just melt at this temp, Does anyone know the answer?

Is this something I can work around.

thank you.

PM peter
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Baccus Metal Question
5th Sep 2017 10:06:48

It's hard to say what the reaction will be.  Casting temperature is 300°C and the metal does not become molten until we get up to 240-250°C.  However this is solid lumps of metal in a melting pot.  Smaller volumes as in the figures may react differently and at the very least you would get distortion and erosion of detail.


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PM wakelessrex
Standard User
Posts: 8
Baccus Metal Question
6th Sep 2017 02:37:53

Thank you for the answer, I just wanted to make sure they werent just going to melt on me. 240C is high enough for me to not worry on that and I can always try to space out the total heating time to let the metal cool. Ill give it a try with this new information. Thank you for sharing :)



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