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PM Mollinary
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Joy of Six 2017
17th Jul 2017 07:49:59

Well it looks like I can be the first to congratulate Peter and all his little helpers for the great day out that JoS2017 was.  Lots of 6mm lovelinesss and friendly knowledgeable people. Do you think the one true scale attracts a better class of gamer?  Anyway, I was so busy on my own game I really didn't have time to take photos, or to see everything that was on display. So over to you, Baccanalians, to provide your stories and photos of games seen, played in, goodies bought, people chatted to.  I thought it was brilliant, what about you? 

PM Estarriol
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Joy of Six 2017
18th Jul 2017 09:07:21

Well I had a good day on stall, but didn't get to see many of the games other than the cold war one right in front of me.

PM monk2002uk
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Joy of Six 2017
18th Jul 2017 01:21:12

Here is a write-up and photos from one of the games ;-). It is the Battle of Messines game, which commemorated my paternal grandfather's involvement in the battle:

Click here


PM njt236
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Joy of Six 2017
18th Jul 2017 03:24:08

OMG. That looks absolutely amazing

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PM peter
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Joy of Six 2017
20th Jul 2017 11:00:26

I will be doing a show report in full next week, but in short; visitor numbers UP, number of traders UP, number of games UP.   Everyone I have talked to was very happy with the event and I was so pleased with how friendly and welcoming the atmosphere proved to be.   A great show.

- The Overlord
PM Scorpio_Rocks
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Joy of Six 2017
24th Jul 2017 02:27:09

Best show of the Year!


Its great to be able to have time to talk to people both traders and demonstrators. A couple more traders and it will be close to perfect.

Thanks to all involved.

PM 6mmwargaming
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Joy of Six 2017
26th Jul 2017 07:23:42

Great to hear how well its going. If I wasn't on the other side of the world I would attend (and maybe I will one day).

PM peter
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Joy of Six 2017
26th Jul 2017 07:11:29

I've just posted the first part of the review of the 2017 games on the Baccus News section.   Those of you where were there will have your memories jogged, and those of you where were not will be kicking themselves repeatedly..

- The Overlord


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