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PM mangemani
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WWII vehicles
19th Mar 2017 08:29:24

been searching high and low for WWII vehicles to go along with the 6mm figs on this sitte, but there dosent seem to be any.

so i must ask, where do i get those? ive heard of these microarmour, but im not sure thats the thing, or i need smaller than that, like 1/350 scale. what sites can you recomend and what scale is the correct one för 6mm figs?

PM wakelessrex
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WWII vehicles
21st Mar 2017 11:15:21

I am also interested in getting some WW2 vehicles to go with baccus infantry. GHQ are too small compared to Baccus and so are most of the 6mm ranges. I thought about Pendraken but I dont see any comparison shots on the internet and would be glad of some if any have them.


Or an estimate of when the Baccus vehicles will be released, It seems like theyve been in development for awhile.

PM njt236
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WWII vehicles
21st Mar 2017 04:38:03

Have to agree. My GHQ and Heroics vehicles are too small alongside my US/German Baccus figures. From top of helmet and including the figures base some are between 8 to 9mm tall. Pendraken tanks are 10mm scale so I would expect the Baccus range to be similar in size to these. I don't have any so cannot say for sure they would be the right scale.  

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