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TOPIC: Missing Samurai
PM frnqtr
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Missing Samurai
24th May 2015 10:00:08

At Peter's urging, I'm starting this thread to see how many agree with me  

Baccus' excellent "Age of War" samurai line seems to be missing quite an important piece. Ashigaru arquebus troops are offered, but the samurai also fielded troops with the arquebus, both mounted and on foot. Who, besides me, would like to see this omission in the line remedied?

PM n815e
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Missing Samurai
9th Feb 2017 09:55:34

I know I am two years late, but I would.

PM Katana_bob
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Missing Samurai
10th Feb 2017 10:52:57

I don't know how I missed this first time around... Me too, me too :-)

I'm currently working on a Samurai project, and had resigned myself to the prospect of having to do some conversions. I think this is probably still the case for now, but long term?

I'd also like to see open handed Ashigaru spearmen (so I can give them the extra long yari), Ashigaru with just a sword, Samurai (mounted and on foot) with bow (I know they are in the earlier period, but I need some in the age of war period armour). Maybe Peter can look at adding these in 2018?? :-)



PM n815e
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Missing Samurai
11th Feb 2017 04:43:13

(Don't forget peasants with spears and peasant with farm implements.)

PM peter
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Missing Samurai
14th Feb 2017 10:16:47

I don't know if you know the way that this works, but if you can get enough people to commit to buying packs I will get requests into production.  We're looking at a commitment of about 60 packs per code, so if you want them get agitating!

- The Overlord


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