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TOPIC: FPW Germans in greatcoat
PM Hecoma
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Posts: 43
19th May 2015 06:41:36

For the FPW late period I would suggest :

- germans in greatcoat : 5 packs

- bavarians in greatcoat : 5 packs

- french zouaves in kepi (can be used also for the ACW) : 5 packs

- french naval infantry (fusiliers-marins) : 5 packs

PM Irondog
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FPW Germans in greatcoat
23rd May 2015 06:10:53

I like the idea of Prussians in greatcoats as well....could be used as Russians for the Crimean War!


Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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FPW Germans in greatcoat
15th Jun 2015 02:54:29

Also Germans at Neuve Chapelle.

PM peter
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FPW Germans in greatcoat
15th Jun 2015 09:54:43

Please remember that if you want to actually get any of these made you will need to give an indication of the number of packs you will commit too.  I can't undertake any of these projects without a few numbers in the 'for' column!

- The Overlord
PM Hecoma
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Posts: 43
FPW Germans in greatcoat
16th Jun 2015 05:34:56

It's done Peter :)

PM Sparta
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FPW Germans in greatcoat
30th Jun 2017 10:07:25

I am in for 5 packs of French Naval infantry

Might I also suggest

Prussian infantry in fatigue cap - this was the main headwear in 1864 and 66 - 10 packs

PM Boeder
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FPW Germans in greatcoat
12th Sep 2017 06:48:16

I'm in for 5 packs of French Naval Infantry.



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