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Standard Troops
BBS - Baccus Basing System

A common complaint from wargamers is that is both difficult and time-consuming to get good results when basing 6mm units.

The Baccus Basing System is simple to use, quick and gives great results. The basing materials themselves have been specially sourced for use with small scale wargames figures and the paints chosen to best effects. All you need to get going and really improve the look of your armies.

  • Pack of extra fine scale basing medium
  • Pack of short strand nylon flock
  • Foundation Wash 60ml
  • Base Coat 18ml
  • Middle Coat 18ml
  • Top Coat 18ml
  • PVA Glue
  • Full instructions


EU: £19.80
Elsewhere: £16.50

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BBSA - Static Grass Applicator

Static Grass Applicator

AKA 'The Uff-Puff', this simple little device solves one of the great issues with getting static grass on to your bases. How do you make it stand up straight?

The answer is right here, and it makes a huge difference to the end result of your basing. It also means that because each fibre is now attached directly to the base you get far less shedding in use.

All in all an inexpensive and very useful addition for anyone doing bases.

EU: £1.96
Elsewhere: £1.63

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BBSBM - Fine scale basing medium 250g

Basing medium for use with 6mm figures


EU: £4.00
Elsewhere: £3.33

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BBSC - Drybrush coats
  • Pot of Base Coat 18ml
  • Pot of Mid Coat 18ml
  • Pot of Top Coat 18ml
EU: £7.20
Elsewhere: £6.00

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BBSSC - Scrub Grass Flock 50g

Short strand flock for use with 6mm figures

EU: £8.40
Elsewhere: £7.00

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BBSSU - Summer Grass Flock 50g

Short strand flock for use with 6mm figures

EU: £8.40
Elsewhere: £7.00

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BBSW - Foundation Wash (60ml)
EU: £6.60
Elsewhere: £5.50

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