21st May 2017 :: Partizan
Kelham Hall, Newark
And in complete contrast to Salute, Partizan is a more 'civilised' show. It has long been considered as a Bastion of the 28mm figure and indeed retains much of that with the vast majority of games being done in that most clumsy of scales. However chinks are appearing in the armour and proper sized figures are breaking through on to the tables there. An excellent show.

16th Jun 2017 :: Phalanx
Sutton Leisure Centre, St. Helens
Another trip for me into the Dark County, but if it's only for a day I should survive with few ill-effects...

15th Jul 2017 :: Baccus Open day
Graham House, Sheffield
Your chance to visit the place where it all happens and get to see how your 6mm armies are created.

16th Jul 2017 :: Joy of Six
A cornucopia of small scale marvels. A MUST for all you 6mm-philes out there! Bigger and better than ever before.

6th Aug 2017 :: Claymore TBC
Telford College, Edinburgh
Of all the shows I go to, Claymore is the furthest away but is well worth the effort. It is by far and away the friendliest and most companiable event of the year and I really enjoy my day here. A good range of traders and some very nice games make for a great day out.

20th Aug 2017 :: Partizan II
Kelham Hall, Newark

16th Sep 2017 :: Colours
Newbury Racecourse
After Salute, probably the biggest show in the South of England. The new venue seems to be either hated or loved depending on who you speak to. Personally I think it is a superb venue being both light and spacious and with good parking and access. I think that those shows such as Colours, Vapnartak and Derby that have made the brave decision to move from established but cramped and inadequate venues to out of town sites should be applauded and supported.

7th-8th Oct 2017 :: World Championships
Castle Donington
A big and very, very 6mm friendly show. The new venue as a few 'demons' in it, but well worth the effort of going there. Bring your own food as the venue catering tends to be on the pricey side!

29th Oct 2017 :: Fiasco
Royal Armouries, Leeds
Another local show, worth the visit if only for the location! A brisk event with 'usual suspects' all in attendance.

4th Nov 2017 :: Crisis TBC
Hanger 29, Antwerp
I always have a great time here . Biggest show on mainland Europe and good fun to attend!

18th-19th Nov 2017 :: Warfare
Rivermead Centre, Reading
A long established and popular event. 2003 was my first time there and I was so impressed by the show that I've carried on going! Well attended and organised with a good mix of traders and games.

26th Nov 2017 :: Battleground TBC
Stockton on Tees
The Battleground show, started life as Smoggycon. From 2013, Pendraken Miniatures took over the organising of the show, with the aim to build on the excellent foundations already in place.

For 2014, the show is moving to a new home, at the Queens Campus Sports Hall, in Stockton-on-Tees. This building is part of the Stockton Campus of Durham University, and provides a modern spacious hall, able to house a bigger number of games and traders, as well as offering local attractions and nearby shopping facilities for our visitors.

2nd Dec 2017 :: Recon TBC
Pudsey Civic Centre
What better way to finish the year and start the lead-in to Christmas than with the Recon show? It would never claim to rival Salute, but it is a very friendly show and I enjoy the chance to chat with people and sell the odd toy soldier.



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Partizan (Kelham Hall, Newark)
21st May 2017

Phalanx (Sutton Leisure Centre, St. Helens)
16th Jun 2017

Baccus Open day (Graham House, Sheffield)
15th Jul 2017

Joy of Six (Sheffield)
16th Jul 2017

Claymore TBC (Telford College, Edinburgh)
6th Aug 2017


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