American War of Independence

The first of a series of wars of independence that ended European control of both North and South America.


At the close of the Seven Years War the British Army was reduced in size despite the fact that its military commitments had grown as a result of the territorial gains won by the force of British arms...

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French Army at Yorktown according to the 1779 regulations ...

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Continental Army 1775-76 ...

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french figs conversions by mangemani
22nd Jul 2017

WWII reinforcements. by njt236
21st Jul 2017

Crusader Pilgrims by pushing.tin
21st Jul 2017

Jacobites by peter
20th Jul 2017

Joy of Six 2017 by peter
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Claymore TBC (Telford College, Edinburgh)
6th Aug 2017

Partizan II (Kelham Hall, Newark)
20th Aug 2017

Colours (Newbury Racecourse)
16th Sep 2017

World Championships (Castle Donington)
7th Oct 2017-8th Oct 2017

Fiasco (Royal Armouries, Leeds)
29th Oct 2017


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