Baccus specialises in the design and production of wargames figures and accessories in the 6mm scale. Although it is often overlooked by the dominance of the 15 and 28mm scales, the smaller figures offer huge advantages in terms of flexibility, prices and ease of painting. It often comes as a pleasant surprise to our new customers that they find 6mm figures easier and quicker to paint than their coarser-scale brethren.

8th Jan 2018 :: New Releases WEC Cavalry and WSS Flagsheets

It's time to kick off proceedings for 2018, and the honours for this year go to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

First out of the blocks are two new WEC Horse codes:

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2nd Jan 2018 :: The Past Year and a little Prognostication

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18th Dec 2017 :: Have a Very Baccus 6mas!

Yes, we’re rapidly approaching THAT time of year again.   The Igor and myself have been working very hard in our little workshop sorting out lots of Christmas surprises for good little boys and girls all over the world.   By the end of this week, I hope that we’ll have the vast majority of orders placed with us on their way and working their way through various postal services in numerous countries.


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No flag for republican !?! by Mollinary
16th Jan 2018

French napoleonic by LEmpereur
15th Jan 2018

NW Frontier 1897 by ironass
14th Jan 2018

Imperial Project : La bataille de Loigny ! by LEmpereur
14th Jan 2018

MDF bases by roy64
10th Jan 2018



GWB47 - British Middle East 4.5 Howitzer and crewGWB47
British Middle East 4.5 Howitzer and crew

GWB46 - British Middle East 18pdr and crewGWB46
British Middle East 18pdr and crew

GWB45 - British Middle East cavalry dismountedGWB45
British Middle East cavalry dismounted

GWB44 - British Middle East cavalryGWB44
British Middle East cavalry

GWB43 - British Middle East Vickers Guns and crewGWB43
British Middle East Vickers Guns and crew